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Swedish orienteer and developer

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About me

Samuel Plumppu

I am a 21-year-old orienteer and software developer from BorĂ¥s, Sweden who enjoy solving problems, learning and constantly challenging my abilities. Another thing I really love is to share my knowledge and help others. For example, I've helped fellow learners from the fantastic open source community freeCodeCamp by mainly asking guiding questions or pair programming to allow the learner to get as much value as possible out of each challenge. I've also found this to be very worthwhile since they also teach me a lot in the process.

When working with others, I like to think about the bigger picture and help several members of the team achieve more rather than just completing my own task. This is partly because I enjoy watching others get more confident with their skills, but mainly because the easiest way to provide great value to a team is to help several others perform better. Some may define a good software developer as someone who is productive on their own. I would rather say a good developer is someone who help others become good developers.

I have been programming regularly since late 2013 and worked in several different environments using mainly Python and JavaScript. For example, I have developed games, CLIs and web applications in various forms. You can find some of these projects down below! At the moment, I am working through freeCodeCamp's four certifications to learn more about developing full stack applications using JavaScript. This will also be a great opportunity to get real world experience through the conclusive non-profit projects. You can follow my progress on my blog.

Another big part of my life is orienteering, a sport that provides challenging problem solving as well as good excercise and sometimes even adventures! I practice almost on a daily basis and regularly compete at a national level.


Iso Conquest


  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

This is a turn based strategy game where you conquer your opponent's areas to score points. It features gamemodes for PvP as well as experimental Player vs AI.

The technology behind this project makes heavy use of new features of the web platform. For example, I experimented with advanced CSS Transforms to achieve the isometric UI. I also used native CSS variables, something that greatly increases the usability of vanilla CSS. And of course, I used modern JavaScript.

Initially, this project was about creating a game with a nice UI and UX. But as things progressed, this turned out to be a great playing ground for learning about artificial intelligence.

Play the latest version!

Goa Space Survival


  • JavaScript
  • Meteor
  • Phaser
  • Mongo DB

A space-survival game created with Phaser as the game engine and Meteor for the real-time highscores. My main goal with this game was to spend a weekend to create a simple game with Phaser and then publish it to my friends. Since the development went so smooth, I decided to also implement the highscores to make the game more interesting.

This project taught me about publishing apps and gave me insights to some of the security issues that arises if you trust clients too much. Knowledge like this will be useful in the future!

A final warning: The simplistic gameplay proved to be quite addictive, so be careful if you try it... ☺

Achtung Panzer


  • Python 3
  • PyGame

An intense 2D tank battle for two players on the same computer. Including two different ammo-types (long-range/low damage main cannon and short-range/high damage grenade launcher) which together with the randomly generated terrain, slowing world-objects like water and destroyable world-objects like stones results in a pretty neat little action-game where strategy and timing is crucial to crush your opponent.

This was a project I did together with some friends for a programming class in school. It was my first real project using Git and even though we used a Git-GUI, I learned pretty much about soure control.



  • Python 3
  • JavaScript
  • Flask
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • PostgreSQL
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

The most ambitious project up until this point. To wrap up the courses Programming 2, User Interface and User Experience design 1 and Web Server Programming 1, me and my classmates wanted to give back to our school while at the same time get experience with a project that would involve the whole development process - all the way from figuring out a real world problem and gather information from users to testing potential solutions and compile even more feedback to finally implement, deploy and prepare the system for future maintenance.

A really fun and stimulating project that taught me new technologies, a lot about project management using GitHub and how to collaborate better using git. For example, I became familiar with advanced git-tools like stash, rebase and working with branches specific for each feature/bugfix. However, the most important experience from this project was to communicate with the users and figure out what they actually needed through tests. We documented our notes from this process (Swedish).

The not so Busy Business


  • Python 3

A challenging text strategy game about a taxi/delivery-service. Including features like highscores, car-upgrades and character development. Really fun to create and loads of good practice to get fundamental programming concepts in place.

My biggest challenge with this project was to format the text-interface to fit the console. Especially the highscores were tricky. This was my last serious project built without a version control system as I realized it was hard to keep track of changes in a file 1000+ lines long. This project also taught me why modular code beat long functions that does multiple things... ☺



  • Python
  • Redis
  • redis-py
  • PrettyTable

A small school project where I learned how to use the Redis database in python progams. Features of this CLI include creation, deletion and search of contacts.

Meteor Tic Tac Toe


  • JavaScript
  • Meteor
  • Mongo DB

A simple game built together with Szymon to learn the basics of the Meteor Platform. An interesting feature we implemented was the Room-system that enables several players to play at the same time and join simply by entering a room's number










Mongo DB



Interested in working with me? Don't hesitate to get in touch!