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Update Your Git Commit Email Address Before Pushing to Remote Repository

Git Code Snippet

Here’s a quick way to update commit author email and display name for previous commits in a local project.

Two things worth mentioning before using this:

  1. If you change your email, it might no longer count as contributions on your GitHub/GitLab profile. But as long as you keep the old email as a hidden email connected to your account, it should work.

  2. Remember that rewriting history in shared projects is a bad idea. Especially when working in a collaborative environment with other people. But for old local projects that you want to upload to a public Git repository, this method could be useful to hide some personal information.

git filter-branch --commit-filter '
      if [ "$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL" = "" ];
              GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Your Name";
              git commit-tree "$@";
              git commit-tree "$@";
      fi' HEAD

Credit: StackOverflow

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